How long does it take for the clay to dry?

This is dependent on the weather. If it's cool, the clay may take up to a week to dry. In hot weather, it can dry very quickly which will cause the sides of the clay impression to curl. Don't have the drying clay in a draft or in direct sunlight as this may cause it to dry too quickly.

Ideally, you want to have your clay drying in temperatures of 25 degrees celcius or less.


I have finally got around to trying to make impressions of my daughters hands and feet and am having problems with my clay. I wasn't happy with my first impression and tried to re-mould and then re-roll the clay. Now when i roll it out it has air bubbles just under the surface. Any tips on how i stop this from happening??!

The air bubbles are happening because air is getting trapped in the clay when it has been moulded together. You need to mould it tightly and then push down on it with the heel of your hand so that your clay goes from being a ball shape to a thick, flattened disc. This should ensure that you don’t have any air bubbles. However, if you still have them once you’ve rolled the clay out, try cutting the rolled out clay in half. Remove one of the pieces, turn it upside –down and lay it on top of the remaining piece slowly, starting at one side to minimise air that could be trapped in. Then roll it out again.


I have bought one of your 23.5 x 30 frames but now want to get a different colour mat (pink). Can I buy a mat on its own?  

Sure. Just send me an email and I’ll set up an individual item for you to purchase.