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Creating the impressions is easy when you know how and you have the right stuff.

The kit contains the following items:

2kg Clay - you can't take the imprints without this. This is enough to take 2 or 3 double impressions - 2 hands and 2 feet and maybe a 1hand/1foot impression too depending on the size of the child's hands and feet.

Instructional CD - complete step by step instructions with photos so you'll know exactly what to do. The CD also contain links to the video tutorials

Sanding pad - for giving the dried cast a light sand and smoothing the edges

Foam brush - for painting

Paint - it's obvious isn't it

Varnish - to seal and give a nice gloss to the finished cast

Ribbon - to hang the finished cast



Here's a brief overview of the impression process:

Roll out the clay

Take the impressions

Trim clay to the size that you want the cast to be

Allow the cast to dry - it will take a few days or maybe a week - depends on the weather

Sand lightly and smooth edges

Paint, paint and maybe paint again

Varnish and varnish again if you want to

Allow to dry

If you're framing, glue cast to mountboard and allow glue to set for a couple of days

Enjoy your creation/s